Consulting Service: Learn how to successfully export/ import and build your brand !

What are the main areas of our 5 Star International Consulting Program?

Through a global network of offices MWG assist companies to grow their international business, attracts product foreign relationships and provides business with sustainable growth markets.

Our role is to provide advice, information and services that coach businesses in growing the export business. This will be based on their capabilities and the needs of the global customer.

Gaining access to new markets and being ready to export products to other countries can be a challenge. Many companies today need our assistance in providing the coaching first and then secondly provide the vehicle to move their product to markets.

‘International coaching and consulting’

Our Clients

In depth understanding and analyses of these points.-this is where we can build on success:

  • Company sustainability
  • Sales and Marketing structure
  • Customer base breakdown
  • Product lifecycle
  • Branding
  • Financial performance
  • Global distribution
  • USP – Unique Selling Proposition
  • Low cost vs High quality marketing grid
  • SWOT analysis
  • Training and development plan
  • Management strategy
  • Sales and Customer service CRM system
  • Risk management
  • Operation and business process
  • Human Resource management

How to establish a strong manufacturing high value selling structure

  • Develop a business strategy that fits with the marketplace
  • Develop a marketing strategy that delivers the best outcomes for customers
  • Develop a standard for customer service
  • Develop a product design program working from concept to market distribution

Get your business moving today

  • Change your business
  • Provide resources to deliver the strategy
  • Monitor the change

Through completing our 5 Star International Consulting Program you will able to guarantee the global market that your business will not only deliver the best outcomes but the best brand and service in your product space.

What does the coaching achieve?

Drawing on the extensive experience of our management consultants globally, the Made Well Group helps customers identify and deliver value with pace, certainty and strategic agility.

Through the services we provide our Marketing group provides customers the ability to optimize their core strengths and focus their energy and investment into the next growth markets. The end result is a greater return for the business, new sustainable export regions and growth in brand equity.

Specifically this area focuses on the need for global product development, global market entry and branding optimization

MWG develop process-based governance to meet our own brand message. That is each and every business we consult with starts with the message we do not compromise our standards and the standards expected from our customers. This sets the message for each area of the operation to fully interact with our consultants on a continual improvement method that is flexible to the needs of the changing global market.

MWG translates strategy into execution, using simple advice and leveraging from the core capabilities of our customer to improve the overall health of the business. We call this our value-driven method to bringing product from manufacturing through to marketing and then onto global sales.

In this area of our consulting program we investigate what key capabilities are deliver by the country of origin in terms of the needs for the global market destination

Consider the attached case study regarding Chinese manufacturing. Please read the full investigation, however briefly it looks at why China is successful as a manufacturing country but very poor at understanding the needs of their customers. MWG develops Chinese manufactures such as Jin Ju Furniture and takes a standard factory producing copy products at low quality to an international success by developing marketing, branding and customer service techniques that the global market is desperately seeking. Every customer wants a “Turn Key” solution today; they want to pick the product fully finished with the full scope of the product and marketing complete so they can achieve immediate market penetration.

Export status improvement

Today most domestic markets are cluttered with many different product offers. Your margins are squeezed and you need a product enhancement strategy that can leverage off pass successes in new markets.

MWG will take your product to new markets

Our fees




Step 1

Involves the investigation and analyze of the business which is broken into 4 areas , Company, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Human Resource

Full report produced noting the current situation of the business (SWOT) and noting area to be investigated for planning

Step 2

Per day rate

Monitoring (half year checks)

Update skill training days (per department per day)

Step 3

Final Ordering, Controlling your financial investment, Quality control, Container inspection

Per Step Rate

Consulting Service: Learn how to successfully export/ import and build your brand !

Consulting Service: Learn how to successfully export/ import and build your brand !

Consulting Service: Learn how to successfully export/ import and build your brand !