Asian Consumers Thirst For Western Brands Continues To Grow

Asian Consumers Thirst For Western Brands Continues To Grow

The growing electric adjustable bed market for consumers cross the world is been led by a new international brand. Dolce Letto established in conjunction with an Italian design team provides an exciting and new concept for the bedding and healthcare industry throughout the world. Consumers are now able to have access to contemporary European fashion and functional healthcare designs that delivers a comforale and relaxing space in their bedrooms.
Dolce Letto recently announced its brand had entered Thailand with the signing of a Bangkok based manufacturer and retailer. Dream Well Group Thailand has joined the Italian brand Dolce Letto so they are able to expand their business with a European style and design concept.
“We chose Dolce Letto because of the people behind the brand, and we feel their senior team of executives are among the leading innovators in the category and have a very good reputation for working with and supporting their licensees.”
Somchai Muenwong Director of International Marketing for Dream Well Group says “European designs continue to be at the forefront of fashion throughout the world and more and more Asian countries are taking advantage of license opportunities. We are delighted to join the Dolce Letto brand as it helps us build stronger ties to our retailers who want exclusive products and designs that attract a very sophisticated consumer.”


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Dream Well Group is a leading bedding manufacturer located in Bangkok in Thailand. Their manufacturing skills and machinery are equal to any mattress business in the world and is an ideal licensee partner for Dolce Letto.

Their distribution channels include department stores, special bedding retailers and furniture stores throughout Thailand and surrounding countries. The concept of partnering with a new brand was to meet the growing consumer needs for Western, in particular European, products. As the social fabric of Thailand and many Asian countries continues to develop and the growth of consumer wealth and spending further expands then businesses such as Dream Well Group must endeavour to interact and supply this new consumer with products being demanded.

The key success for Dolce Letto entering international markets such as Thailand centres on our ‘Country of Origin’ (COO) design and intelligential property. Dream Well Group is able to leverage off the Italian design and also gain valuable insight into why European products lead the world.

The union of Dream Well Group and Dolce Letto further illustrates the importance of extension of brands and products for Dream Well Group, and importantly thinking globally and acting locally for Dolce Letto as it is critical to work with companies on the ground.

The MWG Thailand team was able to meet with Dream Well Group and establish an excellent rapport with the management team so it was far easier to build confidence and trust in the partnership. Moreover, the launch of the Dolce Letto brand in Thailand provides an exclusive brand for Dream Well Group and allows their business to pursue higher profit margin products and meet the demands of their retail channels.

【Licensee Partnership】

The partnership and licensee agreement targeted a revenue goal for Dream Well Group of greater than $1,000,000USD for the first year of sales of the Dolce Letto brand.

Dream Well Group and the MWG team in Thailand structured a set of tasks required for the successful launch of the Dolce Letto brand into the market which will result in the revenue target being met during 2014.

  • In store promotion information
  • Training with Western brand manager
  • Pricing strategy
  • Exclusive partnership
  • International brand management
  • Operational manufacturing coaching
  • International network of peers
  • European leading designs
  • Fashion and trend anlayse

【Why Dolce Letto is the perfect license partner】

The Dolce Letto brand has its design heritage in Italy and is part of the ‘Italian Design Club’ for leading international brands. This club brings together the most comprehensive analyse of fashion and trends in the market and sets the platform for fabrics, colours and designs for brands that are focussed on interior design.

Partnering with the Dolce Letto brand is all about making a strong marketing positioning statement in your country and to your retail channel. The Dolce Letto brand elevates the image and strength of the local partner and provides creditability through the use of a strong international brand.

The brands that are manufactured with MWG allow companies throughout the world access to International brands for their respective markets.

The concept for MWG is to demonstrate that branding is crucial for business when dealing with international markets. The brands that MWG adds value to license partners because they are able to enter the markets with ease as all the work is done for their partners in the country.

This strategy looks at how we can assist with entering the market, localisation of the brand, positioning and distribution channels for the brand. We use our local MWG team to analyse the culture and the consumer trends and provide coaching to our exclusive partner on where we believe the product will succeed in the market.

【Dolce Letto brand value to your business】

  1. Instant growth in brand equity of your company
  2. Access to new markets
  3. Profit growth
  4. Higher selling prices
  5. International training and knowledge
  6. Marketing
  7. Selling to your retail channel
  8. International brand network
  9. European fashion

The blueprint for success for new partners of Dolce Letto is built on a foundation of strong brand support and coaching in the local market. This brand support follows the product from the technical assistance with manufacturing and product design, right through to interacting with consumers at the retail level. Every ounce of effort is to support the licensee is achieving dramatic sales growth and importantly high profit margins.

The manufacturing and design skills of MWG is critical to our partners, especially more so as the Dolce Letto brand is distinguishable within our group as the we effectively practice what we teach other manufacturers. We create our own market, design our own products and marketing and export to countries throughout the world.

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Asian Consumers Thirst For Western Brands Continues To Grow

Asian Consumers Thirst For Western Brands Continues To Grow

Asian Consumers Thirst For Western Brands Continues To Grow