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The Made Well Group (MWG) delivers higher profits for your business. How?

We answer the basic product and marketing questions

You need to compete in the global market by gaining access to raw material or finished products that lower your costs?

  • We will find those raw material and products for you and give you the same quality at lower prices,

You need to establish your brand and products in growing markets such as China, India, Russia and Brazil or throughout the world?

  • We will consult with you and educate you about these markets. We can further launch brands and products for you by using our network of connections to gain access to new customers
  • We will provide a product showcase so customers can view your product (link approved international products)
  • We will give you access to world’s fastest growing club
  • We will understand your product needs and provide a range of price options from various suppliers
  • We will negotiate the best outcomes while maintaining our high standards
  • We will perform the service you require without costing you time, energy and money
  • We will allow you to continue to focus on your business while we search for your products

Your domestic market has become cluttered or worst still disappeared

  • We can take your product and connect it to waiting customers
  • We can add value to your brand by educating you on the markets you should enter
  • We can give you access to the fastest growing club

We do not compromise on international business standards

The Made Well Group (MWG) is the first business to deliver best outcomes based on standards that meet global market expectations. This means our core beliefs are founded on maintaining long term customer relationships and providing products and services that are superior, consistent and ethical.

We do not engage in low cost low value products where essentially the product standards are compromised and driven by the lowest price. Our brand equity and brand image is paramount and we hold our reputation in the highest level and customers engage with us based on the fact we only deliver the best.

Our difference is the fact we educate and consultant with customers. If you want to find a product then we act according to your needs without lowering our core values. If you want to grow your brand throughout the world market we invest our time and energy into your brand and help connect your products to qualified, financial and trusting customers.

Creating value in your business is about competitive sustainability, building a competitive advantage and allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities (the common question “You cannot see forest for the trees?”)

The MWG simply bolts onto your business and provides a service; this is no different to your external accountancy firm, your law firm or indeed your computer software supplier. Each of these businesses adds value by providing you a service allowing you to concentrate on your core business and your skill set.

Allow us to do the same for you

Research and find your product

Educate and consultant your team

Connect you to our intelligential property “our network”

Provide in country support

Build brand equity

Grow your profits

In 2011 the WTO stated “The growth in trade of global manufactured product is three to four times the overall rate of growth in GDP of advanced economies. Procurement and sourcing is a core strategy for profitability. Our financial modelling shows a gain of 2% in gross profit through affective product sourcing can increase profits by 25-35%”

For many companies that are struggling to maintain their market or indeed their gross margin it is simply a matter of identifying areas of their business that they can implement a strategy that takes advantage of global trade to enhance their own manufacturing or service business.

Some examples of global outsourcing maybe

  • Finding packaging for your finished product – therefore reducing your bottom line but not affecting your quality. This was evident at a local paint manufacturing site where they were able to reduce the cost of their finished product by sourcing a paint tin (same quality) at a superior price.
  • Find finished product to either substitute non profitable lines or ease the burden on the manufacturing process
  • Find raw materials so your business can compete with global imports

The keys to implementing a successful outsourcing strategy are:

  1. Deal with a business that has established networks so they can act on your behalf
  2. Understand that your saving should be a minimum of 35%
  3. Ensure the business you deal with has the ability to communicate
  4. Have an identified risk minimization strategy

Why are we successful and how do we add value

1. We grow value for your customers

We can integrate a brand into or from your business and we can help you build a business model that meets the market and continues to grow value for your customers.

If you are not certain we encourage everyone to give us a try with a one off project and then you can select one of the other yearly subscriptions after we have succeeded with your first project.

A project is defined as one product search – not multiple products submitted on the one form. For example you may wish to find a food container and then also cardboard boxes. These are 2 projects as the team must research and investigate many different suppliers. There is not just one supermarket we can find your product from.

2. Use Our Connections

Use our connections to add value to your business, grow profits and provide long term consistent and sustainable solutions.

  • Connect resources
  • Connect relationship
  • Connect the chain
  • Integrate brands
  • Add Value
3. What you must do to Assure Success

The key to our ability to ensuring a successful project is the information you provide. Critically the information must be accurate and be based on a goal of a strategy in your business for global product procurement.

Plan what you wish to achieve, have a goal of product pricing, volume and country region. Then hand over the project to our global team and we will guarantee a successful project based on the information you require.

Approved Manufacturing and Product Report (AMPR)

We can add further value to the project with additional Quality Control mechanisms (clic on our QA procedure), logistic support, container management and packaging and our unique 5 star education and consulting program

4. MWG@Global Team

The MWG team are positioned in 3 Key markets to take advantage of luxury brands, country of origin skill factors and exclusive raw material.

Europe and Head Office (United Kingdom)

East Asia (China – Shenzhen and Guangzhou)

Asia Pacific (Australia)

Connect with our team and we will provide access to answers and solutions on new products and new brand or competitive raw materials

About Us

About Us

About Us